19 year old australian lady

currently going to school in america!

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rubberduckyjnr answered: HE WATCHED KILL BILL

I WAS LIKE SHE’S O-REN ISHII MAN AND HE WAS LIKE WHAT WHO AND I WAS LIKE SHE WAS IN CHARLIE’S ANGELS AND HE WAS LIKE WHATS CHARLIE’S ANGELS and then i decided he was culturally uneducated b/c come on seriously. charlies angels. 

  1. afro-and-glasses said: And totally spies is great, don’t hate
  2. octoberhill said: HOW??? DO?? YOU??? GO??? TRHOUGH??? LIFE?? WITHOUT??? CHARLIES?? ANGELs??? 100% of the worlds population is in love with lucy liu this is completely accurate
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